More volume, fewer wrinkles​​.

Dermal Fillers

Duration: 40 minutes

Dermal Fillers are used to restore facial volume, structure, and youthfulness. This can be used as a preventative measure, or to restore volume that has depleted over time. We carry a wide selection of Dermal Fillers from both the Allergan and Galderma portfolios. Our Nurse Injectors will assess your facial anatomy to help you make the right decision based upon your treatment goals/needs. Juvéderm®/Juvéderm Voluma® XC/Restylane®/Restylane Kysse™/Restylane® Silk.

$575 – $750

Lip Flip with Neurotoxin

Duration: 30 minutes

A lip flip uses the botulinum toxin found in Botox or Dysport injected along the upper lip muscle, near the border. This relaxes the muscles that tend to tuck or pout the top lip making it appear thinner or wrinkly. By relaxing the upper lip visible. This creates a fuller, plumber, but natural – appearing upper lip.

Eyebrow Lift

Duration: 30 minutes

Relax muscles that pull the brow line down. 

Bunny Lines

Duration: 30 min

Smooth horizontal lines on nose


Duration: 30 minutes

Solution to lines across the forehead and in between the brows. The fresh Faced treatment will leave you just that natural, refreshed you.

Platysmal Bands ( Neck Aging Lines )

Duration: 30 minutes

Remove horizontal and vertical banding in the neck

Crow’s Feet

Duration: 30 minutes

Reduce lines from the outer corner of the eye.

Chin Wrinkles

Duration: 30 minutes

Reduce the appearance of chin crease and cobblestone effect.

Frown Lines (Also known as 11’s)

Duration: 30 minutes

For those Dreary lines between the eyes (also as the 11’s) this is focused to minimizes and softens the appearance of frown lines, leaving you looking Refreshed and Radiant.

B12 Shot

Duration: 15 minutes

B12 BENEFITS – Great for burning fat, anemia, increasing metabolism, extra energy, mental focus and better quality sleep. Great option for vegan patients!